Improving collections is the heart of Digitech’s service.

Houston, TX

At Houston, Digitech increased collections per transport from $212 to $274 and aggregate collections from $29MM to $39.7MM. The project included deployment of EMS Billing, Imaging, and Hosting services, connectivity to the City’s hospital systems, and full integration with the ImageTrend ePCR system. The Digitech team faced an unusual problem during the implementation which required multiple inputs to the electronic Patient Care Record system to be integrated into a single PCR. Complex logic changes were made to Digitech’s ePCR import utility to determine how to correctly group the multiple PCRs by patient and transport. This customization, alongside the entire implementation process, was handled under the very tight timeframe of 60 days.

Before Digitech
Year 1
Year 4
Transport volume per year (thousands)