Improving collections is the heart of Digitech’s service.

Memphis, TN

At Memphis, Digitech increased collections per transport from $202 to $251 and aggregate collections from $15.8MM to $20MM. The project included deployment of EMS Billing, Imaging, and Hosting services, and full integration with the ImageTrend ePCR system. Memphis was previously using a paper PCR system that was filled in by pencil on the ride to the hospital, then scanned upon arrival. A process that was outdated, time-consuming, and error-prone. Digitech’s first step was the installation of Panasonic Toughbooks loaded with electronic field data collection software onto 50 emergency vehicles along with mounts and antennas to wirelessly transmit all field data back to a hosted billing system. Full deployment of the Ambulance Commander billing system was not hindered in any way by the parallel deployment of an ePCR system in a compressed time frame.


Before Digitech
Year 1
Year 4
Transport volume per year (thousands)