How Does Digitech improve the financial performance and collection rate for your existing EMS Billing customers?

"We do it with proprietary error-trapping routines that prevent denials, by finding insurance that others do not with our dedicated search algorithms, by automating the appeals of denied claims, and through dedicated pursuit of accuracy in coding and processing claims."

How does Digitech find missing patient demographic and payer source information?

"We employ a unique set of proprietary web-based demographic tools and algorithms that help us to find missing or incomplete information when it is not present in the patient care report. We call it Sleuth, because it often enables us to track down this missing data even when the field personnel or even the receiving hospital are unable to provide it."

Can Digitech manage the volume of trips generated by a large municipal EMS Operation?

"Without a doubt. One of the keys to our success has been careful but continuous growth. As our company has grown, we have been able to take advantage of efficiencies of scale we have learned from previous client implementations and apply them to a constantly increasing volume of claims. Our capacity has increased exponentially as a result."

Will a small EMS operation receive the same benefits and level of service as larger organizations?

"Giving each of our clients and each of their patients the attention they need and deserve is critical to our success, and we find it actually leads to efficiency. If you take care and pay attention, you have a better chance of getting it right the first time. This means listening to and responding to all without regard to where they're from or who they are."

How does Digitech help improve cash flow and reduce account aging?

"The primary benefit that we bring to our clients is speed of processing. Most claims are invoiced within 24 hours after we receive them. Clearing the decks daily gives us a chance to focus more time and attention on the problem claims and get them resolved faster, too. Many clients have found, instead of a gap in accounts receivable when changing billing companies or outsourcing billing for the first time, that their cash flow actually increases almost immediately because we're getting their claims paid faster."

How do we access reports and claims?

"Ambulance Commander allows authorized users 24 hour access to every bit of information related to your agency's performance, your claims, your finances, and your data. Through the Dashboard, users can access a suite of pre-formatted reports or their own pre-configured views of agency statistics."

Technology and Security

Can Digitech integrate with existing ePCR systems?

"We have extensive integration experience with all of the major providers of ePCR software and hardware systems and have worked with each on projects large and small. We can recommend ePCR providers and help you to get the best products and best prices to fit the needs of your department."

Is client and patient information secure?

"Digitech is fully compliant with the provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and all other federal regulations related to the transfer and storage of Private Health Information. We undergo a voluntary SOC 1 Type II audit every year to ensure the security of our processes. SecureDocs, our proprietary document imaging system, employs multiple levels of controls to insure that patient information is safe and secure at all times, and that access to that information is only allowed on a "need to know" basis. A full audit trail in the Ambulance Commander platform enables administrators to track every change to claim data and timestamps the file with a username, date, and time whenever a claim is accessed."


Does Digitech’s billing solution require up-front cost for the client?

"No, Digitech's billing solution is designed to allow a new client the ability to start billing using our cloud-based software solution with little or no upfront capital expense. Clients pay only monthly hosting fees based on the number of users and a negotiated percentage of collections."

Does Digitech bill payer sources directly?

"Most claims are imported, edited, and procedure-coded, and invoices sent out to private payers, Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance providers within 24 hours of receipt of the ePCR data."

Compliance and Training

How does Digitech accommodate regulatory changes?

"Digitech continuously monitors notifications of changes to Federal and State regulations, consults with legal experts on EMS matters, attends industry webinars and conferences, and takes advantage of continuing education programs to stay on top of the latest developments in medical transportation billing. Since we own and develop our own software, we can react quickly to mandated changes and process updates, and make sure that our clients are ahead of the curve when it comes to anticipating and incorporating regulatory changes."

How does Digitech protect the client’s reputation and the privacy of the patients served by the client?

"Our good name depends on the good reputation of our clients. What they say about us is going to be more influential than what we say. To ensure that we are treating your patients as you would treat them, all of our Customer Service representatives, billing agents, and other staff who interact with patients are comprehensively trained in best practices guided by the principles of HIPAA security, OIG Waste, Fraud, and Abuse rules, the HITECH Breach Notification rules, Red Flag Identity Theft rules, local, State, and Federal laws and regulations, and all are guided by the principles of compassionate care for patient privacy and patient rights. During the implementation phase of a billing contract, Digitech's account managers and programmers will engage with representatives of the ambulance transport agency to make sure that all invoices, patient communications, forms, and telephone greetings reflect the style and tone of the transport agency, and that we speak with your voice."

Does Digitech provide consulting and training to help define and implement billing and financial management best practices?

"Digitech takes a comprehensive approach to training our partners, carefully working through every aspect of the setup, connectivity, security, access, administration, and reporting capabilities of the ambulance Commander system to ensure that our clients can squeeze out every possible benefit. In addition to the training that we provide, we will partner with established consultants in the field to help your agency address compliance issues, improve efficiency, and increase collections."