Outsource EMS Billing - Why?

Why Should You Outsource EMS Billing?

Deciding how to handle your agency’s EMS billing takes analysis and careful consideration, with plenty of pros and cons to weigh. Here we provide five good reasons to outsource.

Mobile Integrated Healthcare

Webinar: The State of Mobile Healthcare 2022

This free panel discussion explores the current state of affairs in Mobile Integrated Health: the ET3 rollout, regional and local disparities in the execution of mobile integrated healthcare, and how providers are overcoming the challenges to efficient delivery of MIH.

EMS billing RFP questions

50 Questions to Ask on Your EMS Billing RFP

Issuing an EMS billing RFP this year? Selecting the right partner is a crucial decision for every EMS organization that outsources billing services. This list arms you with 50 questions in six major areas to include in your billing RFP so you can make an informed choice.

Twitter EMS World Innovation Award

Digitech Wins EMS Product Innovation Award

Digitech’s Symptom Map wins a 2021 EMS World Innovation Award with its interactive heat map that allows EMS agencies to geospatially track call locations and responding crews.


Digitech Closes Successful First Quarter Of 2021

Digitech has closed a successful first quarter of 2021 with key additions to its staff and customer base as well as the continued migration of legacy clients onto their industry-leading billing platform.

New Utilities in Ambulance Commander

Our ability to adapt to an ever-changing EMS landscape is a benefit to our clients. We’ve released new tools to help track Coronavirus-related incidents in your service area. 

Important COVID News

For the duration of this Public Health Emergency, Digitech remains committed to assisting the EMS community by sharing important, up-to-date information related to industry changes and COVID-19.

Where in the World is Digitech – Q1 2020

Digitech’s road warriors are starting 2020 with a busy schedule full of industry conferences. Here’s where you can catch up with us for the first few months of 2020.

Digitech Learning Center Goes Live

The DLC is a new training resource enabling pre-hospital care providers and first responders to deepen their knowledge of a growing array of topics, including a complete, internally-produced documentation compliance course.

Same Dashboard. Better Results.

Check out the newest features to Digitech’s Ambulance Commander. Multi-Select Filtering. Zoom and Scroll. Legend Quick-Filters. Vertical Cross-hairs. Better Features – Bigger Results.

Using Data Analytics to Build Business Acumen

Budgets, reports, revenue cycle management, cash flow, forecasts – there is a mountain of financial data that the modern EMS provider has to track to be an effective organization. What should the Operations Chief or CFO expect from their billing company?

In-House Billing Is Out of Control

It’s been argued that in-house billing affords ambulance companies more control. But don’t confuse proximity with getting the answers and information you need to increase billing productivity.

Finding Money Ain’t Cheap

You might think you’re getting a bargain with a billing service that offers a low cost per claim, but just because something is cheaper doesn’t mean it’s a better value.

The Right Partner

Finding the “right” billing partner requires a bit of digging, which begins with identifying the right technology.

Collection Improvement Examples

Digitech has increased revenue recovery for our clients every time we have been contracted. Click on “Before” and “Digitech Year 1” to see how much.