What our clients have to say:

“We’ve enjoyed excellent customer service, both for our personnel and our patients. Digitech’s management team is accessible and responsive, communicating easily with us whenever necessary.”

Brandon C. Nelson, CPA - Accounting Division Manager, City of Orem, UT

“The implementation was a methodical and well thought out process. Digitech made what could be a difficult transition a smooth one by handling all the payer enrollments, integrations, and system setup. Their implementation plan clearly laid out all the required tasks and who was responsible for each task with ETAs, and it was updated weekly so we could watch the progress.”

Tamara Nilmeier, Director of EMS and Physician Revenue Cycle Grady Health System – Atlanta, GA

“We’ve been very happy with all aspects of the relationship from the personal attention given to our inquiries to the comprehensive reporting of our finances.”

Kelly Strey – Financial Accounting Director City of Burnsville, MN

“We did our own billing in my previous company – which I sold in 1994. This venture we outsourced to Digitech and it has proven to be monumentally better on many levels. Year after year, Digitech has outpaced our highest expectations.”

John Herlihy, CEO – LifeLine Ambulance

“With Digitech’s help, we’ve brought our EMS billing into the 21st Century. It took some pushing, and change is never easy, but the results speak for themselves.”

Jim Fischer – Chief of Fiscal Services, Baltimore City Fire

“Digitech was the right choice for EMS billing for Plano. They combine a technology-driven approach to ambulance billing with a strong commitment to customer support. It’s been a great partnership.”

Jim Dickerson - Former Assistant Chief, Plano Fire-Rescue

“Competent. Reliable. Professional. I could go on and on about how much I love working with Digitech and about how right they are for Plano Fire Department.”

Sonora Copling – Senior Administrative Assistant, Emergency Services, Plano TX

“I cannot begin to tell you what a joy it has been to work with all of you. I learned so much during the roll-out of the new EMS Billing and ePCR product. I will forever be grateful for the professionalism and excellence that you and everyone in your organization have shown throughout our association.”

Pam Kiestler - Division Chief, City of Memphis, Division of Fire Services

“Their reporting system, combined with the Dashboard, provides access to all of our data on a real-time basis, which enhances the decision-making process.”

Neil J. DePascal, Jr., CPA – Deputy Assistant Director, CFO, City of Houston Fire Department

“We needed a routine to replicate all of our transport and billing data to our own servers daily. Digitech had it up and running in a week.”

Tony Ung – Senior Database Analyst City of Houston HITS Department

“Digitech’s customizable Dashboard module makes it possible for data analysis that had not previously been possible. The Dashboard has proven to be an excellent tool for financial forecasting, obtaining accurate accounts receivable reports, and providing up-to-date, transparent views of all records.”

Dan Hansen, Assistant Chief Business Services, Gwinnett County Fire and Emergency Services

“Digitech’s leadership is responsive and proactive.”

Deb Oxborough – Senior Administrative Assistant, City of Burnsville, MN

“Digitech is as committed to us now as they were in the beginning, and they are as professional and prompt to respond.”

Sonora Copling – Senior Administrative Assistant, Emergency Services, Plano TX

“We couldn’t be happier with Digitech. Completely aside from the increase in collections, the people at Digitech have been very responsive whenever any type of issue has arisen, and have implemented custom features and specialized reports whenever we asked for them. There’s no question that the partnership has led to better care for our patients and better standards of care across our department.”

Gary Ludwig - Former Deputy Chief, Memphis Fire Services

“Digitech staff has always gone above and beyond to assist us with increasing our billing numbers and fulfilling any data requests that we have had of them. They have a very ‘can-do’ attitude that has been greatly appreciated by all of us here at DFR who have needed their assistance”

Norman Seals - Former Assistant Chief, Emergency Medical Service Bureau, Dallas Fire Rescue

“The first few months of our new relationship have been wonderful. Your team is a dream to work with. The service improvement between Digitech and our prior vendor is noticeably improved!”

Dillon Miskimins – Chief Financial Officer, South Metro Fire Rescue