Month: February 2017

The Dirty Secret Your Software Vendor Won’t Tell You

Companies that sell billing software to the ambulance industry never fail to promise that their software will increase efficiency and profits. What they haven’t mentioned is that their software improves their efficiency and profits, not yours. To achieve that, they sell software that is inferior by design. There. We said it. To be fair, they have […]

Risky Business: The Collection Percentage Guarantee

If you’re a government agency that is going to issue an RFP for ambulance bill collection, demanding a collection percentage guarantee may seem like a good idea. And in some ways, it is: a guarantee requires little thought as to how to develop a better, mutually beneficial partnership with a vendor. While the guarantee is […]

Hello from Digitech!

We hope that this blog will help Digitech serve as a resource to the ambulance service community and open up discussions about the nuances of the industry. So while you're here, read, absorb, consider, and comment! We look forward to the conversations.

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