Expert Team Catherine Tenzyk

Catherine Tenzyk, Vice President - Billing Services

Cathy joined the Digitech team in September 2002. She brought to the table thirteen years’ experience working for Abbey Richmond Ambulance Service (a family-owned and operated ambulance company based in White Plains, NY). Her responsibilities there included dispatching, Medicare billing, and insurance and patient collections. Prior to that, she worked as a medical secretary in Cardiology and Orthopedics, developing deep knowledge of medical terminology and intervention protocols. During her first two years with Digitech, her responsibilities and experience in both Medicare parts A and B led to a promotion to Medicare Manager. As Digitech continued to grow, the importance of compliance and internal auditing became increasingly evident, leading to the establishment of a QA Department, which Cathy was asked to head. Her team consists of EMTs, paramedics, and nurses who are responsible for ensuring compliant Medicare and Medicaid billing practices. Cathy has earned CMS, CPR, and CAC certifications and attends webinars and seminars regularly to keep up to date with the latest developments in ambulance billing regulations.