Same Dashboard. Better Results.

Dashboard Update  You asked, we delivered.  All New Features on Digitech’s highly acclaimed   Digitech’s development team has added some cool new features: Multi-select Filtering – Drill down on multiple data points at once Zooming and Scrolling – Zoom in your horizontal view to better view large numbers of data points Legend Quick-Filter – Hide or show […]

In-House Billing Is Out of Control

It’s been argued that in-house billing affords ambulance companies more control. You can, after all, walk into your billing manager’s office and ask questions. But don’t confuse proximity with getting the answers and information you need to increase billing productivity. We’re long past the time where geography is meaningful when it comes to data. That’s […]

The Dirty Secret Your Software Vendor Won’t Tell You

Companies that sell billing software to the ambulance industry never fail to promise that their software will increase efficiency and profits. What they haven’t mentioned is that their software improves their efficiency and profits, not yours. To achieve that, they sell software that is inferior by design. There. We said it. To be fair, they have no […]

Risky Business: The Collection Percentage Guarantee

If you’re a government agency that is going to issue an RFP for ambulance bill collection, demanding a collection percentage guarantee may seem like a good idea. And in some ways, it is: a guarantee requires little thought as to how to develop a better, mutually beneficial partnership with a vendor. While the guarantee is […]

Finding Money Ain’t Cheap

Should your ambulance billing service collect $16 million in billings for you or $20 million? Seems like a stupid question. But what if the service knows they will make a profit of $240,000 on the $16 million but only $140,000 on the $20 million? It’s more expensive to process claims that involve denials, appeals, and multiple […]

The Right Partner

Every growing business is faced with critical, make-or-buy decisions. Accounting, tax, customer service, office management, maintenance — at some point these functions suck up too much time and resources to be handled internally. They distract you from your company’s main task: delivering a valued service to customers. That’s especially true for billing: Outsourcing your billing […]

Apples and Oranges: The Problem with Comparing Collection Percentages

In completing over 500 responses to RFPs over the past 10 years, Digitech has encountered the requirement of a collection percentage guarantee multiple times. The municipality’s goal in including this requirement, we suspect, is to identify the agency with the higher collection percentage because that agency will collect more money. While intuitively this may seem […]

Collection Improvement Examples

Digitech has increased revenue recovery for our clients every time we have been contracted. Click on “Before” and “Digitech Year 1” to see how much.